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Why You Need a Chase Cover

If it’s not included with the installation of your manufactured fireplace, you may wonder why you need a chase cover. Though categorized as accessories, chimney chase covers are vital components of manufactured fireplace systems. This is comparable to the crucial need for chimney caps, which are installed above masonry fireplaces. The functions of chimney chase covers and chimney caps are the same. The need for ongoing chimney chase cover maintenance is also essential. Below, learn what exactly a chase cover is and the convincing reasons why you need one for your manufactured fireplace.

Chimney Chase Cover Installation South Windsor,CTWhat is a Chimney Chase?

A chimney chase is basically a chimney but only for manufactured fireplaces. Chimney chases are usually built of framed wood with siding that matches the home. However, they can also be built with stucco, masonry, or stone. The chimney chase is necessary because manufactured fireplaces come with plain metal flues. A decorative chase provides needed aesthetics and more.

Like masonry chimney liners, metal chimney pipes that come with manufactured fireplaces can become extremely hot. Combustible parts of the home need to be protected from the heat. So, a chimney chase provides the appropriate distance between the pipe and the combustible components surrounding it.

What is a Chase Cover?

A chase cover is placed atop the chimney chase, and it typically sits over it like the lid of a shoebox. Typically, chimney chase covers are made of metal. Aluminum and galvanized steel chase covers are the least expensive kinds. Aluminum doesn’t tend to rust, but it is a soft metal that lacks durability. As a result, aluminum chase covers can easily be damaged by falling branches and strong winds. Galvanized steel is stronger but rusts easily.

High-quality, durable chase covers are made with stainless steel or copper. Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals, and chase covers made with this durable material are usually available in an affordable price range. Copper chase covers are high-end options. They are often considered too impractical because of cost, but they deliver on style and beauty.

Chimney Repair Services Avon, CTWhy is a Chase Cover Necessary?

Chimney chases create a large opening at the rooftop level, almost like a window to the sky that never closes. Chase covers are necessary because of what can happen when they are not there.

Without a chimney chase cover, precipitation falls directly into the home. Moisture can damage fireplace components. Besides causing rust to form, infiltration of rain and snow can result in the growth of mildew and mold.

Animals can freely make entrance into your home if you have a chimney chase with no chase cover. Bats, snakes, squirrels, birds, and mice are among the unwelcome intruders that countless homeowners have had to deal with because of a lack of coverage over the chimney. Leaves and branches are also types of debris that can get into your chimney chase if you don’t schedule chimney chase cover installation.

Northeastern Chimney can help if you need chimney chase cover installation or repair, and you are in central Connecticut. Still on the fence on the issue of why you need a chase cover? We can help with questions, too, as well as fireplace installation and chimney inspections, cleaning, and repairs. Call us today at 860-233-5770 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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