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Why Is My Chimney Pulling Away From My House?

You look up at the chimney and notice something that seems out of the ordinary. It appears that it is leaning or pulling away from the house. Well, if you have your own leaning tower on top of your Connecticut house, it’s a severe problem that needs immediate attention but is fixable. Even if you... Read more

The Benefits of a Video Scan Chimney Inspection

There are two things that go hand-in-hand: owning an active fireplace and the need for an annual inspection. Most homeowners schedule these between the conclusion of the colder months and the end of summer. However, there’s an extra step that might make a big difference in the longevity of your chimney, a video scan. Here... Read more

What Is A Chimney Cricket And Why Are They Important?

While your chimney may appear to be a solid, seamless structure, it is actually comprised of several vital components. These components are designed to safely evacuate smoke and pollutants from your home so that you can enjoy your wood or gas-burning fireplace, stove, or other attached heating appliance safely. One of those essential components is... Read more

All About Rebuilding A Chimney

Sometimes, chimney repair goes beyond tuckpointing or repointing damaged mortar. If your chimney is old or damaged beyond these minor repairs, it may be time to look into a total teardown and rebuild of your chimney structure. Spring is the ideal time for a chimney rebuild. By that time, you’re most likely done using your... Read more

What is Chimney Flashing and Why Is It Important?

Flashing is an important component of any chimney, but what exactly does it do? Flashing is one of many pieces that protects your chimney from excess moisture and leaks. It’s important to keep your chimney flashing in good condition to avoid long-term water damage. Let’s take a look at what chimney flashing is, why it’s... Read more

Chimney Repairs and Improvements During The Off Season

Most homeowners here in the Northeast use their chimneys for secondary warmth during the colder months. Once the weather breaks, we in the chimney industry call this the “off-season.” It’s a great time for chimney repairs and general maintenance as these updates are easier to perform when the system is not in use. Here are... Read more

What Is That Smell From My Fireplace?

When relaxing in front of your fireplace, the last thing you want to have to happen is to get a whiff of a nasty smell. However, from time to time all homeowners will encounter an unexplained odor emanating from their fireboxes. So, what is the cause of that smell coming from your fireplace exactly? Here... Read more

Why Chimney Flue Tiles Crack & How to Fix Them

Routine chimney maintenance starts with an inspection. When one of our Northeastern Chimney technicians visits your home, they’ll inspect each component of your chimney for issues. This includes your cap, crown, damper, firebox, masonry, and more. In addition, they’ll also examine your flue, looking for signs of damage including cracked tiles. Why do chimney flue... Read more

Why You Need a Chase Cover

If it’s not included with the installation of your manufactured fireplace, you may wonder why you need a chase cover. Though categorized as accessories, chimney chase covers are vital components of manufactured fireplace systems. This is comparable to the crucial need for chimney caps, which are installed above masonry fireplaces. The functions of chimney chase... Read more

What You Can Do About a Blocked Chimney

When we talk about chimney blockages, we’re usually talking about obstructions that exist within the flue, as opposed to blocks at either end of the chimney. When a chimney flue is blocked, several things can happen that you most definitely want to avoid. National Chimney Cleaners of Fairfield County, CT, and Morris County, NJ, would... Read more

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